Packaging is an iconic aspect to any brand’s product, but for the last eight years Taco Bell's packaging had remained untouched. Working alongside the Taco Bell Design team, I assisted in leading the design direction for Taco Bell's new base packaging system and bring my talents and insights to the assignment.
The challenge was to design the packaging in a way that was fresh for customers, but could also feel like a piece of art. During the design process, we set out for each piece to feel abstract and disruptive compared to other competitor's packaging. This treatment was named 'kinetic' because of the energy and movement displayed through each design.
​​​​​​​Creative: ECD- Christopher Ayres, Lead Designer- Arcy Valencia, Designer- Rolex Vidal, Designer- Alex Ezell, ​​​​​​​
Account: Account Supervisor- Kristin Anderson, ​​​​​​​Account Manager- Elle Ulla,  Project Manager- Lisa Schnitzer
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